Receive Medical Supply Donations

By becoming a Med-Eq member, your not-for-profit organization can receive donations of single-use medical supplies and lightly used medical equipment.

How it works:

  • Non-profit organizations can join Med-Eq by filling out our Recipient Membership form and then authenticating their membership by providing the necessary documentation.
  • Starting in May 2019, certain for-profit agencies, who are doing public work, may ask for donations. This will only be granted if no "not-for-profit" agency has made a request, and with the permission of the donor. 
  • All items are posted on our Available Items page. As a member, you will receive an email notification whenever new items are added to this page. When you see an item that is right for your organization, you can put in an online request for it. Med-Eq staff will carefully consider all requests from authenticated organizations, and one will be selected to receive the donation. Learn more about the selection process
  • If your organization is selected, you will receive an email with the donor's contact information. You may then arrange a transfer of the donation.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Only authenticated members can be chosen as recipients.
  • You, the recipient, are responsible for any procurement, de-installation and shipping costs.
  • If requested, you must supply a receipt to the donor.
  • The donor has the right to not complete the donation.
  • Med-Eq retains the right to suspend your membership at any time.
  • Your organization can also donate any excess inventory. Each donation is associated with a “Med-Eq point value.” Points that you earn through donations can be used to increase your priority as a recipient for future donations

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