How Are Donation Recipients Chosen?

Med-Eq staff carefully consider all requests for each donation, but can choose only one organization to receive each item.

To be considered for a donation, your organization must be an authenticated member of Med-Eq.

Our decision is based on a combination of the following factors:

  • Geographic location: In some cases, a close proximity to the donor may be necessary.
  • Earned Med-Eq points: Organizations can make inventory donations to Med-Eq to earn points.
  • Recipient history: We try to be fair to all members.
  • Donor feedback: Compliments and complaints from prior donation interactions are very important in the process.
  • Staff feedback: The Med-Eq staff is 100% volunteer. Mutual respect goes a long way to keeping you high on the priority list!
  • Other resources such as Charity Navigator may be consulted.

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