REMEDY / Med-Eq is not taking donation postings at this time. An announcement regarding future donations to Med-Eq will be posted soon. 

Families, hospitals, manufacturers and others often find themselves with usable medical supplies and equipment that they would like to donate to people in need. Med-Eq is a free service that specializes in pairing donors with vetted charities, most of which will use these supplies overseas. Items may range from bandages and catheter supplies, to hospital beds or surplus inventory and might be small enough to donate by mail, or require a container truck pick-up. Please be careful about Covid19 transmissions.  We ask that all donations/packaging be cleaned as appropriate

Med-Eq’s online service is easy to use. There are three ways to donate or receive donations:

  • Families and individuals: When home care ends, families often find themselves in possession of medical supplies, devices and equipment that has been lightly or never used. Rarely will suppliers accept returns of these items; even rarer will they offer a refund of any value. Many families are upset by the prospect of these supplies being wasted and would prefer that they are used to help someone else. Med-Eq is the answer!
  • Vendors and facilities: Manufacturers, healthcare facilities and others often have excess inventory or lightly used equipment that they wish to donate. By becoming a Med-Eq member you can offer these items for donation.
  • Charities and non-profit organizations: Organizations which have 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status may join Med-Eq to become eligible to receive donations.